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IHS Consolidated Services


Healthy Hospital Awards

IHSCS' expert coordination of the medical supplies remanufacturing program for Iowa Health System hospitals has led to the achievement of the Silver Healthy Hospital Award three years in a row. Stryker Sustainability Solutions (formerly Ascent) gives the award to strong partners that show a significant increase in savings from year to year. IHS was awarded in 2008, 2009 and 2010. The remanufacturing program diverts thousands of pounds of waste from landfills and saves hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

2008 Metro Waste Authority Environmental Stewardship Award

Midwest Healthcare Textile Services (MHTS), a partnership between IHSCS and ARAMARK Healthcare, received Metro Waste Authority's Environmental Stewardship Award in 2008. The award is given annually to leaders in the community who show a great commitment to the environment. MHTS' 48,000-square-foot energy efficient laundry facility processes 18 million pounds of linen annually with one-third the water used in conventional facilities.

2010 Metro Waste Authority Environmental Stewardship Award

IHS was presented with the Environmental Stewardship Award again in 2010 for systemwide sustainability programs, many of which are coordinated through IHSCS' Office of Sustainability. Initiatives recognized include cardboard and paper recycling, efficient laundry facility, plastic recycling and medical supplies remanufacturing, among others.

Innovation in Healthcare Award

Kimberly Clark and American Contract Services (ACS), IHSCS' custom procedure pack partner, presented IHSCS with the "Innovation in Healthcare" award in 2010 for its unique custom pack operation. The operation was developed in 2008 with an emphasis on quality, transparency, efficiency and cost savings. It has been toured and duplicated by several health systems in the U.S. and Kimberly Clark is recreating it internationally.

Murray J. Fox Recycling Innovation Award

The Iowa Recycling Association recognized the medical supplies remanufacturing program in 2010 with their Murray J. Fox Recycling Innovation Award. The award is one of seven given to Iowa organizations, businesses and individuals annually and recognizes those taking a truly unique approach to waste reduction. IHSCS' facilitation of the remanufacturing program has been key to its success.





Lisa Campbell,
Director of Strategic Business Relationships and Office of Sustainability

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Urbandale, Iowa 50322

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